It’s 3:45 am . . . and I’m awake!

We had a really great time visiting my aunt’s house today. My uncle from PA was in town so we went there to visit with everyone since my grandfather came from the nursing home. NHL had a blast being the only kid there. My aunt and JL actually went out in the snow to play with NHL. It was priceless seeing my aunt romping around and doing snow angels.

Now I’m paying the price of not breathing well due to the three cats at my aunt’s house. Thanks to being pregnant, I am not taking my usual allergy medications that typically control this type of reaction. This along with the little monkey riding high and squishing my lungs is killing me. I can’t get air in or out well. I passed out earlier thanks to using my inhaler, but I think it may be time to use it again. So here I am up thanks to hot flashes, ankle/leg cramps from hell, hunger, and not being able to breathe.

On that note I am off to finally take my inhaler and try to get some more sleep after that.

C’est Moi
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