My poor baby

Just a quick note to update what’s going on with JSL. The poor baby was up 12-14 hours yesterday. He would nap for 15-20 minutes only to wake up screaming. The Tylenol the doctor told us to give him did nothing. When JL got home he looked into JSL’s mouth and was shocked with how much it was coming out. He was a mess all day. He was choking on saliva (5 week olds don’t know to drool it out), had nasty “teething” diapers, and was shoving his fist into his mouth or punch the outside of his cheek with the same fist. JL went out to get some teething toys at the grocery store late last night. He nursed some at about 10 and eventually fell asleep. He fussed when we moved him into bed, but went lost the battle. At 4:40 he woke up for milk and a diaper change. Then went back to sleep eventually until 8:30. He’s asleep again now in the Papasan after nursing some. He’s so miserable he keeps waking to cry and then going back to sleep.

I called the pediatric dentist this morning and we’re going in at 1:00 to see another dentist in their practice. I really didn’t care who I saw so long as we got in quickly. So we shall see what happens. I certainly never thought I would be taking my 5 week old to the dentist.

C’est Moi

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