Teething already?!?!

Today JSL has been a bear. He wants to be held constantly. I think the culprit is something that shocks the heck out of me. He’s cutting a tooth. I kid you not! He’s just 5 weeks old today and cutting a freaking tooth! Heck it isn’t even a usual one, it’s an upper back one. I don’t know if I should call the doctor. I can see and feel white points coming through. The poor baby. He’s been clingy, wanting to eat, having nasty diapers (very much like NHL did when teething), gumming his hand and wants to hug/pet something. Since I had to go do something and put him down for a minute I put him in the Papasan chair and gave him his Tag Blanket to pet that Nancy made. Here’s a photo of the little guy sleeping:

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Now I have to figure out to or not to call the doctor. They will think I am insane about the tooth, but I’ve seen one of the points since he was born – and now there are four. Plus when I scratched at it it doesn’t come off, and I felt it was more sharp and it started to bleed a little. *sigh* I am so afraid of what this means. . . I’ve been crying right along with him since he’s so miserable.

Update: called the doctor and waiting for a return call. JSL finally fell asleep mid scream after hysteric for the last 5-6 hours almost non-stop.

On that note he’s calm and I am off to attempt to eat lunch and finish the laundry.

C’est Moi

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