Weekend update

Last week while I was home with JSL I received a phone call from the county health department. They asked if I had just had a baby. I told them yes and wanted to know what they wanted. They told me that the newborn baby baby blood screen that JSL had was not done correctly. They asked if I had it redone. I told them it was news to me and to explain what was going on. To make a long story short they goofed and had the wrong doctor listed and never contacted us until almost 4 weeks after JSL was born.

Friday I asked my grandmother to go with JSL and I on a few errands. I picked her up early and we went to my school to wish the kids a nice summer. We were there for a while and my grandmother sat in my classroom and fed JSL. Then we decided to head to AMCH to have JSL’s new born screen redone. UGH! The paperwork at the lab before was a PITA. Then the test itself was horrid. I swear if I had witnessed it when he was born I would have refused to have it done. It was horrible to witness. My grandmother actually had to walk away since she couldn’t watch it any longer. When the torture was over my grandmother and I went to the cafeteria to have lunch. After lunch we went back to my house to regroup. I was able to change JSL, he had some milk and I was able to pump since I was so uncomfortable.

Next we were on a mission to get JL a Father’s Day gift. NHL and I had already gotten something for the boys to give Daddy, but I needed something. I was debating a few things, but had one thing in particular in mind. I was going to head to Target, but said that Toys R Us may have it. Since my grandmother had not been there in years we went there. We wandered around. She bought JSL some bibs, NHL some cars, and Sesame Street Wallies for the spare room. Our last stop was the gaming area. I looked all around and didn’t see what I was looking for. So I walked up to the guy and said “Please don’t laugh at my question. . . ” He cut me off and told me to look up where the Wii’s were location! I was in shock – there were 20 or so Wii’s there. I had never actually seen one in a store no less that many. So I decided to get the Wii and shock JL with it for Father’s Day, our anniversary (which is this coming Sunday), and his B-day (early August). After that we went to the Deli Warehouse to see the produce there and then I took my grandmother home.

Saturday we went on a bunch of errands (BJ’s, Deli Warehouse, Ryan’s Produce Market. . . . ). That evening my parents called to see if they could take NHL to dinner. He went with them and we had dinner here and then went to return a movie (and get Charlotte’s Web for NHL) and to the grocery store for a few quick things. When NHL came home he had a package in his hands. He sat down and started to open it. JL questioned him about it. He said it wasn’t for him and was for JL and to open it. Apparently while out and about NHL, Nana and Papa found something for only NHL to get Daddy for Father’s Day (he insisted it was just from him). JL opened it and it was an amazing dinosaur tie. JL actually wore it to work Monday and NHL was so proud since he helped to pick it out.

Sunday morning the boys both slept a little late. When NHL woke up we went to the living room with JL to give him his gifts. First NHL did the gift from the boys. It was from Build A Bear and was a little box with Thing 1 and Thing 2 in it. It’s adorable and perfect since those are our pet names for the boys. Next it was my turn. I left the bag in the hall and made JL go to get it. So there sat a Toys R Us bag with the Wii inside. He was floored. Apparently he had a dream about opening a bag with a Wii in it for Father’s Day. So now that he’s psychic he must get the lotto numbers! ;)

After that we had a small breakfast. We met my rents and grandmother for lunch at Cracker Barrel and then went to Target to get a few things. After that we met L and I back at our house so the boys could play. The plan was to let them run and play in the sprinkler and pool. So they came at 3:30 and the boys (with JL) were outside for 2 hours. We have great photos on our website, but below I will include a few for now. While the boys were outside L helped me to cut my fabric and made a Moby to wear JSL. We did that and went outside with JSL in the Moby. Within minutes the poor baby was a bright RED tomato. We went back in to cool off. After the boys came in and were dry we packed them up to have dinner out.

It was a busy weekend! Now we just need to break open the Wii for JL to try (he still hasn’t had a chance to do that yet). On that note I am off to debate heading to school to clean my classroom after JSL is up and fed. Not sure if he’s in a mood for that given the mouth irritability.

C’est Moi

Here are photos from Father’s Day:

Here are NHL and I. running around (they liked to take the water elsewhere):
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I. playing with the beach ball sprinkler that we took off:
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“Don’t pull the rope!”
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NHL and his hat:
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