The horrible Mr. Thirsty!!!

This afternoon we had an appointment to bring Thing 1 and Thing 2 to the dentist. JL brought NHL and I brought JSL. Thing 1 needed his 6 month cleaning and Thing 2 had to have his gums rechecked per the dentists request when he was 5-6 weeks old.

NHL was apparently much better this time with the cleaning. She was able to get all of the teeth cleaned with the polish brush, but he would not allow her to floss. We didn’t push the issue. The item that really freaked the kid . . . the dreaded MR THIRSTY!

I kid you not, he was petrified of it. I casually mentioned to the hygienist that he has some sensory issues and loud noises like vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, electric hair clippers, and apparently Mr. Thirsty freak him out. She noted this on his chart. After the cleaning was finished Dr. N came in and she was so great. She was calm and talked NHL through everything. He listened to her and she was able to use the instrument to get the little bit of tarter (or “cookie bugs” as my dentist referred to them when I was little) off his bottom teeth. She said they looked fine and still no cavities.

Then it was time for JSL. He was so good. He opened his mouth nicely and she was quickly able to see what Dr. J wanted us to come back to check on. The cysts are still there and quite large, but she isn’t worried. She said they could technically stay until he cuts teeth, but that usually doesn’t happen. She also felt along his gum lines and did not feel any tooth buds yet. She said the excess saliva and constant bib chewing could be from things shifting and pressure bothering him. She said most kids cut tooth #1 at 7 months. I told her that NHL had his first at about 5 months and was like this at the same age as JSL. She said when I bring NHL in next time she’ll take a peak at JSL again to see how things are going.

So our next dentist appointment is during February break and I will have to take both of the boys myself (mid day so JL won’t be coming with us). Mind you it will likely be in the snow to make things even more interesting. Oh well, better to do it at that time then to have to take NHL from school.

OK – now I’m really going to bed!

C’est Moi

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