Weekend updates and photos

The weekends just seem to fly by. Friday night we were going to head out to dinner for JL’s birthday. Unfortunately, the weather nixed those plans. We stayed home and went to the Chinese take out place and brought things home. At night I let JL watch things on the DVR that were waiting for him while I worked on things for my online courses.

Yesterday was filled with errands. In the morning we went to the ATM, library, to get gas (where we saw my parents), BJ’s, Target, and the grocery store. We also took NHL to the playground of his new school to play for a little while. No camera was present, so no photos :(

Recently NHL has been waking up a lot at night. We think his nightmares are directly related to events from the chin incident and fear of the unknown in his future. He’s very upset about leaving the daycare center/nursery school that he has been at for 3 years now. He likes the idea of the new school, but change is hard, especially for an almost 4 year old. Last night he was up at least 2 times. Once JL had to go in and settle him down after a trip to the bathroom. Amazingly JSL slept through all of this.

NHL woke up this morning and JSL was starting to fuss. He wasn’t awake so we left him. About 15 minutes later I went to look since I didn’t hear him. Here’s a photos of what I found (remember he’s a tummy sleeper):

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He was just doing baby exercises and when we went in there he was “chatting” up a storm. The cutest part is when we said Hi JSL and he responded back with a sweet little “Hi” very clearly. Remember he won’t be 3 months old until next Monday.

Here’s a photo of NHL on the floor of the “Boys room” playing:
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We did the breakfast thing, JL made cookies for a birthday gift and NHL got ready to head out with Nana and Papa. I managed to get both of the boys dressed. JSL is in a new outfit that he got. It’s a 3-6 month size that I thought would be huge since 0-3 still fit him. Boy was I wrong. NHL really approved of it since it has dinosaurs. Here are a few shots of my two little boys.

JSL with bib and NHL with a goofy grin:
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JSL without bib and NHL being a weirdo:
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JSL with the hat that goes with the outfit (kinda large don’t ya think?):
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And last but not least a photo of all 3 of my boys including the 30-something one:
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Now JSL is sleeping, NHL is out with Nana and Papa, and JL is using his new electric hedge trimmer to reclaim the area outside our house. Those darn trees and things grow too darn fast.

I am going to try to get some of my computer things done while everyone is doing something else.

C’est Moi
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