Houston we have toothage!

JSL  had another milestone. Not only can he roll all over the place, sit up for a little while, and try to pull up to stand . . . . his two bottom teeth are cutting through.

The poor little guy is so easy going, but has been super clingy thanks to the pressure in his mouth. The last two weeks you could feel the tooth buds pushing their way up. The white shadow was there. Over the last 3-5 days you could really feel a hard ridge at the top of the gum line.

Last night he cried himself to sleep nursing since he hurt so bad (tried teething tablets and almost got Tylenol). This morning I stuck my hand in and sure enough feel little sharp spots starting out of the gums.

So much for those all gummy smiles soon. Time to really be good and brush his gums/teeth at night now.

C’est Moi

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