Chanukah Party & Family Day (12-8)

Thursday evening my brother (Uncle I), sister-in-law (Aunt M) and niece (SG) came into town. Due to NHL being really sick Friday we were not able to have dinner with them that evening. Saturday morning all seemed to be well. The high fever disappeared almost as mysteriously as it had appeared. Thanks to this we felt it was fine to make plans and see our family.

Aunt M and Uncle I requested lunch out at the newly opened PF Chang’s. We all said that was fine, so I made a reservation for 12:30 for the nine of us (that included the two babies). We had a very nice lunch, looked around the crazy mall quickly and then stopped at Target. We needed to go there for more Aveeno diaper rash cream as well as frosting and sprinkles for Aunt M’s Chanukah cookies.

After that it was time to head back to my parent’s house. At Nana and Papa’s we all decided to let the kids have some of their Chanukah gifts. Nana and Papa gave NHL the new Fisher Price Smart Cycle. It seems like a great "toy" for in the house during the winter. It will provide him with muscle movement (PT), and nice hand/eye coordination with the joystick (OT) using educational games. Here is a mosaic of NHL opening the gift. Note when he finally sees what is inside. Also included are some photos of him riding on it.

NHL's new Smart Cycle


Meanwhile JSL was enjoying his first Chanukah (check out the cool shirt that Nana and Papa got him). It was so fun watching him get into his new toys. He sat on the floor for quite some time playing, talking, watching and enjoying the farm toy that Nana and Papa gave him. He loved finding the places that would make music and kept experimenting with everything. Here are some photos of him including when he got there in his snowsuit, playing with Papa, modeling his "My First Hanukkah" shirt. Unfortunately we never had SG and JSL in a photo together with their matching shirts on. In addition to the farm toy he LOVED the Glow Worm from Uncle I, Aunt M and SG. When we got home Saturday night he kept singing with it. When it would stop glowing he would kiss it on the face and talk to it trying to make it go again.

JSL's first Chanukah Mosaic

 Of course the Smart Cycle did not come assembled since Santa does not do that for Chanukah – *wink*    Thanks to this JL had the opportunity to put it together for NHL. Here’s a shot of that fun. 

Constructing Smart Cycle

NHL was quite bored waiting for his Smart Cycle to be ready. Part of the time he watched Papa’s new "baby" play Noggin. 

Papa's new baby

By this point he was starting to really need something to do. Aunt M had him help SG open her Chanukah gifts. 

Helping his little cousin

Then he was quite sick of waiting. Note the sour puss. 

Bored NHL

Since I was getting slightly bored I took the following photo of my shoes and dreidel socks: 

Bored NHL & fun dreidel socks

SG was quite content when mommy read her a book and Papa came over to chat with her: 

Reading time


Papa and his princess

Once NHL’s bike was set, everyone just stayed together in the living room waiting for the other family members to come to the Chanukah party. 

Everyone together

Even the Chanukah Puppy was just hanging out: 

Chanukah puppy

Finally everyone arrived and it was time to eat. Here is a mosaic of all of the family gathering around the lit menorah enjoying our meal together. Oh and of course the goodies! 

Chanukah Party Mosaic

Poor JSL just had too much fun and excitement and fell asleep while the rest of us ate our meal. 

Tired baby

We had a very nice time with my family celebrating Chanukah together. More photos and weekend/Birthday updates coming later.


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  • Kim says:

    It looks like you had a nice time with family. How does N like the cycle?

  • Danielle says:

    Looks like a great day! Happy birthday, by the way!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kmelion says:

    Are those cheesecakes? Mmmmmmmmmmm

    It looks like you had a great time. We did absolutely nothing with what little family we have here. Never received any kind of invites so… whatever.

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Kim: We really did have a nice time. It is so nice spending time with my brother and his family (not to mention my parents and the rest of the crew as well). NHL seems to like the cycle a lot. Yesterday in the ice storm he used it quite a bit when we were stuck at home. He even shared with me. There are some games that adults can try without having to pedal.

    Danielle It was :) Thanks!

    Kmelion: Yes, that was a chocolate cheesecake variety. My parents love that and bought it. JL and I were good and stuck with other things instead. The sugar cookies my sister-in-law made were actually a Weight Watchers recipe and were very good. We normally do not have a Chanukah party either.. My mother decided to do it this year when everyone came into town. I also think she wanted to do it to start a tradition for her three grandchildren.

    C’est Moi