It’s a MOOricle!


That would be the sound of my head (and probably JL’s too) hitting he laptop this morning. To say that sleep was rare last night would be the understatement of the century.

Last night JSL was really miserable. His poor nose had alien life forms escaping from it in large quantities. There was no doubt this was his first official cold and not from teething. He finally settled down to sleep and was up again before we went to sleep. JL managed to get him back to sleep fairly quickly, but that was just the calm before the storm.

At about 1:00 the congested, miserable monkey woke up. He came into bed with us and we decided to head to change his diaper. I was the lucky one that had the task of cleaning out his nose. After much snot sucking he sounded a little bit better. We were hopeful that he would come into bed with us and go back to sleep.  


He was still horrible congested. At about 2:00 I asked JL if I should try something that I heard someone from one of my mommy groups mention in the past (Hey N). She had used breastmilk to help her boys when they had pinkeye. I vaguely recalled people also mention using it for stuffed noses. I was willing to try anything at that point. JL was skeptical and tried to get JSL to settle with a steam bath. It helped a little. At about 2:30 I was asked to quickly pump some milk.

So off I went to pump about an ounce of milk to use for nose drops. I went back into our room and was greeted by a less than thrilled group of boys. I put a few drops of milk into each of JSL’s nostrils and then went back to bed. I took him into my arms and in about 10-15 minutes he was sleeping peacefully. WHOA!   It worked!!!!

Since then I used it when he got up this morning so he would be able to nurse. Now I am going to do it again to try to get him to nap some. I joked with JL that I wanted to bottle my MOOricle milk since babies are not able to use anything when they are sick and this seemed to help a lot.

On that note I am off to help JSL before we have to brave the storm and pick up NHL from school. The storm is coming at about the same time he gets out of school. 

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  • Nancy says:

    The healing properties of mommy milk score again! Glad to hear it helped the poor guy’s nose. It’s supposed to really help clear up ear infections too.

  • Kim says:

    I was going to make the same comment about ear infections that Nancy made! I’ve also used it on scratches on the kids faces. I’m glad it helped JSL to breathe and sleep!

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Nancy: Let me tell you it has been amazing. JSL has been able to nap thanks to using mommy milk. If he wakes up in the middle of the night we will definitely try it out before waiting hours again. Thank you so much for the heads up on it. I have heard about the ear infection too (before you and Kim below) mentioned it.

    JL went to a website that had something about all of the wonderful things that breast milk can help with, including diaper rash. Now my question – can it cure yeast infections?

    Kim: Thanks for the tip. Hopefully we do not get another visit from the ear infection fairy any time soon. Now we just have to deal with curing this cold and trying to keep mommy and JSL from getting pinkeye. Mind you I know something that could help with that ;)

    C’est Moi