Party in his crib at 3AM – *thud*

Ummm. . . . who told JSL to have a party in his crib at 3 this morning?   Although this time was an improvement over most nights when he just wakes up fussing at midnight, it was still waking up. So, if it was you, you best duck and cover because a wet noodle is coming your way!

I passed out fell asleep on the couch last night very early and moved to our bed at 10:30. I was so exhausted and freaked out about my doctor appointment that is about an hour and a half away now. Since I was so tired I am floored that I heard anything on the baby monitor.

At 3:00 I was startled awake by music on he monitor. JSL was at the far end of his crib and must have pushed the button on his toy to make it say "Peek-A-Boo" and play a song. I asked JL to check on him. He said he was trying to settle and left him. About 15-25 minutes later the baby is having a full blown party in his crib.

I am not kidding!

When I walked into the room he looked so proud of himself. He was chatting up a storm, crawl dancing, and had a shit eating grin big smile on his face. I do not know how NHL did not wake up with this going on.

I really think JSL was crawl practicing since we know he does it, but will not in front of us. He was all over the place and seemed to be trying to pull up to a stand from his belly (Note to JL – The crib MUST get lowered this weekend).

So I took the party boy into our bed where he chatted up a storm to sleepy mommy and daddy and eventually we all went back to sleep after 4.

This morning he was on the floor and went from sitting to crawl position. I called him over and he started crawling to me – better than his usual army-like version. He was mostly on all four limbs. His face was priceless (sorry no photo) since he was smiling the "Hey Mom – look what I invented" look!

Now I best be off to get ready for the doctor. I am very nervous since JL agrees that the bump in my eye does not seem to be on the lid. No, much to my horror we think it is on the eyeball itself. This scares the you know what out of me. So we shall see what the doctor says. I guess I need to tell the truth about it being there for a while, but not putting myself in front of the kids to have it checked until it got worse again.



BTW – To those who are newer to my bloggy world, I answer/reply to comments right on the post itself. I find it easier to do than e-mails most of the time. The only time I have not done this is the wild Blogoversary giveaway post that has nearly 400 comments this morning ! Thanks to everyone who has stopped by. Hopefully many of you will continue to stop by and get the feed to my blog.

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