C’est Moi . . . the Super Hero

Right now it is the calm before the storm. Absolutely nothing going on outside (well maybe a little rain). However, that is not what the weather people are saying is going to happen soon. They claim that starting at 9:00 until early this evening we will have a horrible mixed bag storm with a lot of icing. Needless to say a TON of schools are already closed with nothing going on now.

Our district is open. . . therefore NHL’s program is technically open as well. Mommy decided she was not interested in ice skating her car to school between 12-1 when the storm is supposed to be really bad. Sure, it may be crazy to keep the kiddo home, but it is not worth the risk to me. NHL is only in PreK and he has been tired, so a restful day will benefit him. Now if only that would be the case for me. I am not feeling like my super hero Alter-Ego – TheAngelForever right now:

TheAngelForever - Super Hero

LOL – Sorry, I could not help myself. I had to get this in and it seemed fitting here!

I hardly slept all night. For some reason I was having strange dreams. Dreams of JSL not only walking, but running all over. Back into reality another reason for the sleep deprivation was oce again we had a little monkey in our bed.


I guess the new blankie that that Madame Squishy Yarn Guru made him our of his favorite fabric (flannel) was not a simple trick. My theory is that other pesky upper tooth next to his front one is cutting. The one on the right finally has a point out. Here was a really great shot of the little guy when he fell asleep cuddling his new Ducky Pirate flannel blanket. As you can see he is on my lap, but could have cared less about me being there: 

Loves his new blankie

It is nice to know that my milk still ranks up higher than his other possessions. Why you ask? Please see the photo that follows. This is JSL when he clearly did not want to pose for a photo with his new special blanket since he knew it was time to nurse. 

Not a happy camper - not the blanky's fault

There must have been something in the air last night. Even NHL was in a cuddle mood. He decided before dinner at my parent’s house to curl up in Papa’s lap. It was just too cute, so cameras were out in a flash! 

Papa and NHL time

Hopefully the day is not too long with the boys and being cooped up in the house. I am going to try to be motivated to get some arts and crafts out when JSL takes a nap to do something fun with NHL. Right now both of the boys are on the floor playing together.


Quick Project update:

In the evenings when I am trying to relax some I have still been knitting. Here is JSL’s finished scarf on the test run yesterday (silly hat was being an issue and did not want to stay on). When NHL tried it on he asked me to make him one as well. So we will be yarn shopping this weekend. 

Test driving his new scarf

I also finished up my first wash cloth quite a while ago and am already half finished with a second one. This is the first one where I retaught myself to purl. The latest (for NHL) is coming out a lot better. 

Wash cloth finished - side 1


Wash cloth finished - side 2

On that note I hear someone moving on the floor in the other room. He likes to crawl when I am not looking.



*** Note to all readers – If you leave me a comment I reply right here on the post. Assuming everyone is healthy it is usually within a day or less. Please check back here if you do not subscribe to the comments.

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  • Nancy says:

    So what did the doctor say?

    We’re in the middle of that storm right now. I went out to take the garbage down and was slip-sliding away.

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Nancy: She barely looked at my eye. Just said yes, there is a bump and gave me a referral. I am kind of ticked since I bet she could have tried antibiotic since I think it is a thing that is related to a stye. She was more worried about my shoulder. Trying to calm that down before jumping into x-rays.

    Stay safe in the storm. I think we are still dry here. I was toying with heading to the store with the boys, but am too lazy to bother since it will start soon.

    C’est Moi

  • Sandra says:

    I LOVE the sleeping, cuddly pics you put up of JSL. He is just too stinking cute! I see he is in binky love too! Hope his new tooth isn’t *too* much of a bother. We had ice today also and stayed in.

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Sandra: Thank you :) Yes, about a month ago I tried a binky again and he figured it out and wanted it. Now we use it to calm him down and get him to sleep. He is not too much of a binky addict YET. Since I had both boys I never had a chance to e-mail you back yesterday – sorry.

    C’est Moi