He’s on his feet – ACK!

So much for taking things slow. JSL seems to be in a hurry to grow up. He is just eight month old and already giving us a run for our money. When he and I are home during the day he does not want to sit and play. He often will baby bitch complain until I give him my hands to use to stand up. Then he is happy and dances. He has also learned that he can move his feet underneath to get places. This is very intriguing to him. The other night he and JL were playing. JSL wanted to let go of Daddy’s hands, so JL did it. The little monkey stayed up for a while. They kept doing this for quite some time. JSL thinks it is hilarious to stand and then crash onto his bottom or fly into Daddy’s arms.

This morning he wanted to do it again. This time I grabbed my camera to get photos. Below are pictures of JSL, the next generation of Chipendale,strutting his stuff.

First Daddy must help the little guy to get steady on his feet. This gets more difficult later on when he is laughing and wiggling too much. Please note the cute, chubby baby thighs (sad how it is acceptable and adored at this age).

The kid wants to be on his feet

Now JSL gets very serious and even a little annoyed with the peanut gallery making too much noise. He really was trying to concentrate at this point. 

Major concentration going on

He is now in the zone and ready to go! 

OK Dad . . . ready . . . set. . .

Look Ma . . . no hands!!!!! 

No Hands!

No, he was not standing long, but he was up. We knew we were in trouble before, but this solidifies that is is coming soon – ACK! 

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  • Sandra says:

    J did the same thing. At 8 months she was on her feet, letting go and walking along furniture as well as trying to climb the steps! At 9 months she was walking across the floor pushing her little mailbox walker toy. On her 1st birthday she finally took her first step alone without holding on and at 14 months was walking completely alone. So, just because he is doing this now don’t stress too much about him taking off just yet. We were sure we were going to have an early walker (and since I walked alone at 9 months we expected it) but she didn’t find her complete nerve for several more months! I will pray this will be the case for you also LOL! I Am sure though with all you have been through that this is a big relief for you both to see! And if he does take off soon we will just have to say “go baby go!” :)

  • Renee says:

    WTG!!! Keeghan is cruising the furniture and climbing our stairs. It scares me so! LOL

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Sandra: Oh I know this does not mean he will be walking tomorrow. It does mean that my baby is growing up. . . and I am not ready for that. :(

    We are trying to find him things to pull up on and cruise around. Our problem here are the hard wood floors. We have area rugs, but there is a gap by the couch, so he can slip easily. For now I am just happy that his muscle tone seems to be good for his age.

    Renee: Go Keeghan! JSL wants to cruise, but our hardwood floor makes it hard to do along the couch. We are working on things to help him with this desire. Thank goodness we only have one set of stairs and hardly use them (at least now). Good luck with your little guy.

    C’est Moi

  • feefifoto says:

    Wow, he’s good. Get ready to move everything you own out of reach.

  • TheAngelForever says:

    feefifoto: Thanks, not sure if I would say good just yet. He is anxious to learn. Next step making sure big brother’s toys are cleared away from little hands.

    C’est Moi

  • kailani says:

    You’ll be chasing him around the room in no time!

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Kailani: Ugh, don’t remind me! I am going to enjoy watching him get to that point over the next few months.

    C’est Moi