Night out with our big boy

Last night I went out on a date with my two oldest boys . . . you know my hubby and 4 year old. The little guys stayed with Nana and Papa so we could do something special with the big boy.

We let NHL decide where he wanted to go for dinner. I told him about a new place that we had never been to that had a place to play games near it. He liked the sound of that since there were no costumes.  Once JL was home we dropped JSL off and went to Old Chicago for dinner.

We had a nice relaxing dinner that involved trying to keep NHL from falling asleep. We managed by taking him to the game room to see what we would do after he ate his dinner. This helped since he saw there was a bowling game that he was anxious to try out. Our meal was good, but not something I would likely go back to soon (although I do want to try their lunch special one day).

After our meal was done NHL quickly pulled us to the game room. We bought a card with points on it to play. As you will see NHL really liked the bowling. It was sort of like candlestick bowling (small balls), but regular scoring, and only 5 frames. Here are some photos of the little guy testing out the game. 

Night out with our big guy

It was so cute to watch NHL grab JL’s hand the first few times he was playing (by the third game later on he was a pro). 

Checking out the bowling alley

At first he wanted to roll the ball down by putting it between his legs this way (front view): 

Don't you love his technique?!?!

It worked nicely this way (front view below), but later he realized that with the balls being small he could toss them other ways. 

And the ball begins it's journey

Too bad he never really liked it. 

One excited little boy!

The suspense was just too much while waiting for the ball to head down the alley and knock over pins. 

Watching to see the results

He even tried to yell persuade the ball to move in another direction. 

No, go that way!

Oh well, maybe next time it will work! 

Hmmm. . . what did you say?

Each time he would check and count to see how many were knocked over.

Making sure how many were knocked over.

And this pose just made me laugh. Cute, n’est pas?!?!

He really started to get into this

We had a great time and went to pick up JSL afterward. He was very happy to see his milk jugs mommy. . . daddy and big brother too. Thanks again to Nana and Papa for making this fun evening possible. Love you guys! 

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  • feefifoto says:

    Every kid I’ve ever seen in a bowling alley, including my own, uses the exact same body English after letting go of the ball. Do you think it’s preprogrammed?

  • Renee says:

    How fun! It’s nice to get a night with the “older” kids! We have an Old Chicago here… no game room though! I feel jipped! LOL Glad you had a nice evening out!

  • TheAngelForever says:

    feefifoto: Hmmm. . . I think that may be one of the many preprogrammed things that kids come with. Now we just need to figure out how to work around some of the other ones that are not as cute ;)

    Renee: It is nice to take the older guy out every once in a while. We think jealousy for his brother has hit recently. He loved staying home with us over winter break and has had a difficult time going back to school. Major regressing at home and school – and jealousy of the little guy too.

    Don’t be too jealous of the game room. It really was not too special. JL and I commented to NHL after that we both like Chuck E Cheese more. Definitely more value in the games and things for your money.

    C’est Moi