After eating dinner tonight I took NHL to get him ready for bed. JL took the little guy to make sure he was all set. NHL went to the bathroom, brushed and flossed his teeth with me and then ran to the other boys.

As I got near there I heard JL exclaim "BEANS!"

I questioned this since I thought I had missed something . No, he had simply said beans.

Thinking about our meal yesterday evening I asked if JSL had gas since he ate some kidney beans.

JL said "No. . . BEANS!"

Hmmmmm. . . .  think, think, think!

OH! It finally hit me. JL was doing a diaper change, DUH. Apparently we are now able to confirm that JSL’s digestive system "processes" beans in just about 24 hours.

When NHL heard that there were beans in JSL’s diaper he ran over to JL and asked: "Can I see?"

NO, we did not show him.


When putting NHL to bed later on we tossed JSL in with him and told him he was his new "buddy" to cuddle with. I just warned that this one likes to pee, poop and puke in his sleep.

Without missing a beat NHL looks at me and says "Oh, so I’ll have beans in my bed!"

Priceless I tell you.


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