Great green globs of eye boogers

Ugh, we have another first here on the baby front. Yes, JSL officially has become a member of the family and thanks to his first ever bout of pink eye right before Aunt M and Cousin S come to visit. For those that are new or may not remember, every time my brother and his family come here or we go to visit them someone gets sick. On the way to their wedding, almost two years ago, NHL had pink eye and the next evening had a 103 fever.  So here is it Monday before they come on Thursday and JSL is going to start antibiotics later.

I was not sure at first if it was just his eye being irritated from the cold, nasty wind when Mommy took him out this morning. When we went to pick NHL up from school it was oozing stuff, but not pink or swollen. This afternoon he napped again, woke up scared and shivering since he could not open his eye. Sure enough green eye boogers were staring me in the face. UGH! In addition to that his eye was swollen and didn’t open well and getting pretty pink.

The doctor was called and gave him a script for eye drops to kick this in the butt. Aunt M was then called to tell she’s a jink (just kidding) and she agreed we should treat both eyes since he is already rubbing from one eye to the other. You just can not tell an almost 9 month old NOT to do that.

So the poor kid has tooth sever coming in, a small goose egg from yesterday (he went lunging at the table leg an hour after the other incident – forgot to mention that yesterday) and now will be traumatized with pink eye drops. Hopefully he will rest well tonight like this:

Teething makes you tired

A nice quiet evening would be lovely since the wind was horrible last night. We had a mysterious noise all evening that made me think a train was coming through our driveway. This morning I figured out the cause. Our neighbor’s roof vent is hanging on by almost nothing and is blowing in the gusts to make the horrid noise. Here is what it looks like when the wind is not lifting it straight up in the air. Hopefully tomorrow it will be fixed and nobody or anything will be hurt/broken before. 

Wind Mystery solved

Time to snuggle with the little monster who will likely share his pink eye with Mommy. Hopefully it will not mess up my eye appointment to have that lump checked.


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  • Shawna says:

    Yuck–pink eye is nasty. And oh-so-contagious–I’ll be so surprised if you DON’T get it! Enjoy your visit with your family!

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Shawna: Yes, it is beyond disgusting. He certainly decided to get a really bad first bout of pinkeye. I am washing my hands raw here, but I am sure I will end up with it. I swear if anyone in my classroom had it or NHL brought it home I would always get it.

    Thanks! I can not wait to see my niece again.

    C’est Moi