Baby’s first goose egg

Did you know that crawling can be hazardous to your health?

Man, I forgot how a baby with no fear in the world can quickly get into trouble with practically nothing in front of them, just trying to crawl.

This morning JSL was on the floor playing. He decided he was done sitting and wanted to move to get a toy. He moved his feet out and was attempting to get into crawl position. Thanks to his PJ’s he was having a hard time moving his one leg around. Next thing we knew – BOOM!

That was the sound of JSL’s eyebrow and forehead making contact with his cow truck. In moving his leg out he lost his balance and his arm went out and his head went down. He screamed bloody murder and within 10 minutes this is what the bruise looked like (not the best shot): 

Crawling gone bad

JL kept icing it to help the swelling to go down, but it looked horrible. We called Aunt M to ask her about things because NHL never had a goose egg like this (sorry we woke you up M). This kiddo is going to be a trouble maker. The poor kid is a mess thanks to this and tooth #7 coming in fast and furious.

*sigh*   Boys!


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  • Renee says:

    I wish we lived closer, JSL and Keeghan would have SO much fun together. I swear Keeghan gets a new goose egg every few days. He tries so hard to be big! I have to say I’m having a little tooth envy… Keeghan has ONE that just poked through last week! What’s up with that?!

  • Jenna says:

    Poor baby! Gah! I remember when my baby got her first (and thus far, only) goose egg. I felt HORRIBLE. I was there spotting her, but I misjudged which way she was going. Apparently, no permanent and life-altering brain damage, though. ;)

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Renee: I wish we were closer as well. I know our kids would have a blast together and we would be able to talk in person instead of on instant messenger every so often. *sigh*

    Do not have tooth envy – those suckers are sharp and I have blood blisters in a not so nice area thanks to them rubbing on me when nursing. Ouch! Congrats on Keeghan’s first tooth :)

    Jenna: Thanks for stopping by :) The sad part with this is he was just crawling in front of us like he normally would. Who would have thought spotting would be needed. It got worse when he was sitting and lunged later on at the dining room table leg and got his head again. Thank goodness he never really went for the hat-trick on that spot at least ;)

    C’est Moi

  • Sandra says:

    Poor kid. Boy! He has really turned BLONDE! I don’t see much of a hint of red anymore!

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Sandra: He seems to be a daredevil who will not be happy sitting still. *sigh*

    Yes, he is very blonde. However, in the right light there is still a bit of red. My guess is in the summer that will come out more.

    C’est Moi