Late night fever = back to the doctor

Clearly the winter germ festival has finally arrived at our house. Last night we had a great dinner with my parents, grandmother, SIL (in from out of town), baby niece, and my SIL’s mother (here for a conference). JSL’s eye was looking much better and he was acting normal.

Fast forward to the middle of the night. He woke up coughing, but settled back down between 1-2. At 4 he was much worse. JL took him to our room and he was a little warm. I took his temperature with our ear thermometer (doctor suggested one) and it was 99.7 (his normal temperature is 96.2). Not too much of anything to get excited about. Then the croupy cough really kicked in and rattling when he was breathing. I felt his head again and he was burning up. Took his temperature just 15 minutes later and it was 101.3. With our family history of febrile seizures a spike like that is a big concern. Ibuprofen was given quickly and he settled back to sleep with us.

Right now he is up and again, the eye looks great. Unfortunately, he sounds like crud. When he coughs, it is like a croup bark and you can feel his body rattle. I will be calling the doctor’s office at 8:00.

Update to follow. 

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  • Kim says:

    Ack! I hope he’s doing better this morning and you avoid major issues. Zoe had some eye-crud this morning and she’s got a cold. It reminded me of the stuff I’d have when I was a kid and would wake up with my eyes pasted shut. Hopefully it was a fluke–it wasn’t too bad this morning, but there was something in her lashes. If not, we’ll be doing Saturday hours tomorrow at the doctor.

    I’ll be checking in to see what’s up with JSL.

  • Renee says:

    Poor little guy! Praying he feels better soon!