My strange sleepers

There is just something about photos of kids when they are sleeping that makes me smile. The peaceful look on a little face, the quiet in the room. . . . and of course the neck twisted back funny.

What? You mean your child does not sleep like this? 

Talk about sheer exhaustion

No? Oh come on ! Where is the fun in that.?!?! This just looks way too boring for our family: 

A regular sleep position is over rated here

Really this is just too normal, especially for NHL: 

Night-night NHL

I have even found NHL like this: 

Sleeping in pillow land

Apparently this is catchy with the youngest member of the family too. Last night I went in to check on the two boys and this is how I found JSL. Just looking at it makes my poor neck hurt. 

Ouch that has to hurt

I have to admit this is by far the most odd position I have found the little guy in. Most of the time he falls asleep on a Mommy or Daddy.

Petting cupcake pillow of course

 He also likes to nap in our bed like this with the flannel all around: 

Cozy time snuggling with flannel - nap 3 of the day

Unfortunately the flash of the camera can assist in bringing on strange sleep positions like so: 

Post first photo position

Please note bed head is just a perk that often results and is VERY much a photo moment that has to be captured. Here are two examples from Sunday: 

Top view of bed head


Post nap bed head

I have to get these photos in while I can now. Before I know it the smiling face above and his big brother will frown at Mommy and Daddy taking photos like these. So that just means I must do my fair share now.


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  • Renee says:

    LOL my kids sleep weird too! JSL has the cutest smile!

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Renee: I have a feeling a lot of kids are like this. Mind you if I slept like this I would be hospitalized from not being able to move. Getting old is the pits! And thanks! That smile certainly makes it hard to tell him to stop, even when I have to.

    C’est Moi

  • mommyknows says:

    Awww … to stinkin’ cute!

    Mine are all over too!