Baby Food Exploration

As a food connoisseur for more years than I would like to admit, it is fun to watch my children learn to appreciate different foods/tastes. I had forgotten how interesting it is to watch the face of a baby trying new culinary delights for the first time. At almost ten months old JSL has been quickly adding new items to his repertoire. We try to gradually add in new items, but lately he has been eating what we have most evenings.

JL and I enjoy watching JSL smile and coo as he tries something for the first time. He almost always gobbles it down without a fight. You know, basically not being like big brother NHL. Sad thing, NHL used to be the same way, but in recent months he has become  –  well you know what I mean!

Here are some photos of my little guy enjoying some new foods.

JSL approves of taco "meat" with Morning Star burger crumbles, red kidney beans and corn.

Taco face


Messy and proud of it


Yes, I know I am cute!

As you can see he thoroughly enjoyed his trip to Mexico for our own version of Tacos. Of course a tub was required soon after to clean up the little guy from the mess that resulted.

A day or so later JSL was able to try egg (just the yolk) for the first time. He was like a vacuum with this once he realized it was something to eat. I have never seen him eat something this quickly. 

Give me that food Mom


Hmmmm. . . . .


Testing it out


Gobbling it up

Next time we will definitely have to make him two egg yolks since they were gone so quickly. Then on Friday night he showed us that he is a carnivore. The little guy really loved ground turkey. Since he liked it so much we then gave him more with the sauce, chick peas, and corn. . . plus brown rice. He LOVED it. 

See food?


There's rice and turkey where?

There is nothing like a baby with a shiny food speckled face to make you smile!


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  • kailani says:

    Sometimes, don’t you wish you could just hose ‘um down outside? LOL! Looks like he really enjoyed his meals!

  • Kmelion says:

    SO CUTE!!!

    Nati has this super gag reflex and is very sensitive to texture. I gave him a small piece of over ripe banana the other day and he gagged at that and then threw up some of the jarred baby food I had given him.

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Kailani: YES! I completely wish we had something to hose him down quickly. Mind you the other item I want is a tarp to catch the food before it hits the floor.

    Kmelion: Thanks! Poor Nati – he will get over that, I think NHL was more like that. JSL will not eat anything that is baby food like. If we feed him yogurt it must have Cheerios in it to make it something to chew. The kid just want to eat like this brother. Good luck getting him to eat more with the gagging.

    C’est Moi

  • Punkypwr says:

    Wow he sure does like his food. Taylor is the same way, maybe they can enter some kind of eating contest!

  • Kim says:

    It looks like he’s doing great and eating lots of variety! I need to move Zoe to more solids, but we’ve had a few choking incidents and she STILL doesn’t have any teeth! :(

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Punkypwr: Yes, he really does like food. It took him quite a while to warm up to things. Once he figured out what he was missing he quickly lost a lot of interest in milk and wanted what everyone else was eating. Love the photos of Taylor on your blog – too cute!

    Kim: We have really started to add more variety in since he wants to try everything. JSL had some choking incidents at first, but it was him trying to figure out what to do with the texture of things. He quickly figured out how to gum things. He has always refused anything that he could not “chew” – with or without teeth. Enjoy the tooth free time while you have it. The poor kid will probably get them all in at once. Good luck.

    C’est Moi