Ahhhh, the weekend is here

Although this weekend will be filled with way too much rain, fears of flooding and laughing at my parents (they are stuck in a snowstorm out west with my brother, sister-in-law and niece), I still love it.

The weekend is time to get things done, sleep and spend time with my boys. You know these guys 

'tis my boys

JL, JSL and NHL all in a row – they are the ones that make me queen of my world.

Sure they are silly some of the time. . . .

Happy big brother ride

but they make me smile and laugh and keep the world going for moi.

When I am floating around, even a hug from each other when one is not feeling well is a wonderful thing to see. 

Brotherly love

There are big hugs all around and sometimes I am the lucky recipient. 

Big brother bear hug

And when I do get those special hugs and kisses, these are the hands that make me feel warm, fuzzy and loved. 

The hands of boys


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  • citystreams says:

    I’m loving that hand picture! Beautiful!

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Citystreams: Thanks! I love that one as well. I think I have another one from when JSL was really tiny. Something I will definitely make a print of to frame.

    C’est Moi