One little monkey jumping on his bed . . .

This is my little monkey last night after he put on his Purim costume. He had to test it out for the parade at school today. 

One little monkey. . .

With permission from Mommy, the little monkey was told that he could act out his favorite story. So my little monkey was jumping on his bed. . . 

jumping on his bed. . .

Thank goodness he was not a wild and crazy monkey, so he did NOT fall off or bump his head (Mommy is sick of calling the doctor after all thanks to his little brother). 

He fell down and did NOT bump his head

Soon after this the monkey went wandering in the house and found a familiar looking rodent. 

Monkey meets the mouse

Mickey Mouse JSL was quite fascinated by his monkey brother. He took quite some time to check out all of monkey NHL.

Mickey inspects the monkey

Before long they were giving big monkey and mouse hugs to one another. 

Time for a monkey hug

After that they just sat around waiting for some help out of their costumes because it was time for bed. 

Monkey and mouse chill

NHL’s parade is later this morning at school. My grandmother is going with JSL and I to watch it. The kids will be performing some Purim songs after they parade around, so it should be VERY cute.


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