Happy Passover – 2008 Seder 1

As I sit down here to type, both of the Passover Seders are over and done with. Although it was a lot of work for JL, Mom, Dad, and I to do both of them at my parent’s house, it was well worth it. Thank you again Mom and Dad for working with us to make it happen.

We started the morning off getting something out to eat before we started cooking. Then we realized that we needed a few quick things at the store for the Seder. We stopped at a store for a new peeler and some sneakers for NHL. We did not realize his current ones were getting snug on him. We bought a pair of more plain ones and the following that he loved. 

NHL's new sneakers

Then we went to the grocery store for a quick stop and back to our house. At home we packed up more Passover items and then went to my parents to work on the meal for the evening. We made a lot of food including charoset, brisket  (thanks to Mimi and Aunt T), sweet and sour chicken, oven roasted sweet potatoes (JSL’s favorite) and cauliflower. In addition to this we had matzoh ball soup, hard boiled eggs, dried fruit (thanks Aunt T), strawberries, and some brownies, cookies and jelly candy. Here take a look: 

Seder Foods - Yummy!

The seder plate and table looked really great thanks to my mother getting everything so pretty. This is what the table looked like before we sat down.

Table for Seder #1

And the seder plate is here:

Seder plate all ready to go

Just before the seder both of the boys fell asleep. They were exhausted so we let them sleep while we talked and finished preparing everything. We were in no real rush. Our seder was the four of us, my parents and Aunt T. See how quiet they were:

Naps before the seder

NHL and JSL finally woke up and were ready to head to the table. NHL was thrilled to see he had a special setting. At his spot were the 4 Question finger puppets all ready to go. 

NHL and the 4 Question Puppets

Then it was time to put the matzoh bib on JSL. What do you think his reaction was? Here it is: 

Matzoh bib time

Eventually he warmed up to it and was amused by the kippah we put on him. 

Put on your kippah it's time to celbrate

Thank goodness for the naps. It really helped the boys to be patient while we did the seder before the meal part. 

The boys at the Seder

We had a really nice first seder. I think JSL enjoyed his first Passover experience . . . especially the sweet potatoes and all of the attention from everyone. He ate some matzoh, but eventually realized it was not anything he loved and started to toss it. NHL was into participating this year and really wanted to help us read the haggadah. . . probably next year he will be able to do it.

Seder 2 also went smoothly thanks to lots of yummy leftovers and two new additions to the meal. More on this later.


P.S. A special thanks to JL for being flexible and working your butt off to kosher everything for the seders.

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