Seder part deux – 2008

Since we have two little boys JL is pretty flexible about start times for our seders. We definitely put that into play for the second night. We started the seder at about 4:30 so both of the boys could participate. In addition to this, we were very casual. Since it was so warm out the boys and I were wearing shorts. 

A casual kind of day

The table looked a little different for the second night. Once again Mom helped it to look beautiful.

The table for the second night

 The only one not at the table for the seder was Whiskers, my parents cockatoo. She was included in food and items to keep her happy though.

 Whiskers - not at the seder table

NHL had a lot of fun dipping his greens into salt water. After a while the salt water was just for NHL. Apparently he missed the memo that we do not double dip (or however many times he actually did it).

It's dippin' time

JSL had a lot of fun bonking heads and playing with papa. This game continued on for quite some time. They had a blast with this and then the "Uh, oh" game where JSL drops everything on the ground and says "Uh, oh" waiting for it to get picked back up.

Bumping heads with Papa

Soon the little guy was very tired. He would not settle for me.

Tired monkey

Luckily Nana’s rocking him did the trick. When we got to dinner I put the sleepy little guy onto a blanket and he missed the meal. When he woke up he had lots to catch up on.

Sleeping on Nana

Meanwhile NHL was busy eating a lemon . . . something he requested and actually enjoyed. I love the face he made in the middle photo.

A boy and his lemon

JL helped NHL to read the Four Questions. While doing this he also used the finger puppets. Remind me please. . . . who is the child? 

Doing the 4 Questions

Later on it was time to use the horseradish again. This is the evil stuff that brought tears to many eyes at our table. The stuff was strong and almost like homemade. 

Lethal stuff!

While some eyes were teary from the horseradish others did this . . . 

Bug eyed!

With all of the excitement even NHL wanted to try it out. Against my advice JL made him a sandwich on matzoh with mainly charoset and a dot of horseradish. We all knew when he hit the dot. Poor kiddo! 

Trying horseradish & charoset sandwich

Although it is hard to see this is Papa’s reaction along with Aunt T carefully putting a tiny amount onto her matzoh. 

More reactions to the horseradish

One part of the seder was done differently the second night. We down played the mystery of Elijah. Saturday night NHL woke up several times with nightmares from someone coming to get him and was quite hysterical. With much prodding he finally told us that it was Elijah and he was scared. We carefully explained that he only came to the seder and was nothing to be scared about. It must have worked since the nightmares did not happen after the second night.

Once again we had a wonderful seder. The best part we were packed up and heading home with more leftovers and the boys were in bed at a very reasonable hour. Thanks again to my parents, Aunt T and JL for making this Passover so special.


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