Nursery School Passover Seder

Ready or not, Passover is coming quickly (officially begins next Saturday evening). Since next week is April break, NHL’s school had their Passover Seder that parents were invited to this week. So, yesterday my mother, JSL and I went to NHL’s school for their mini-Seder. It was absolutely adorable to watch NHL, especially when he saw that Nana was with us. Here are some photos and a video of the Seder. 

JSL had a great time in Nana’s arms for the entire Seder. He loved watching all of the kids, especially his big brother.

JSL with Nana - a surprise for NHL

 NHL sat down at a table with some of his friends, so we joined him to wait for everything to begin.

Patiently listening to the Passover story

This is how the table looked when we sat down. In case anyone is curious the tongue depressors represent the shank bone that is on the Seder Plate

The Passover table at school

Before we were able to try the Passover foods the kids all performed some Passover songs for us. Here is a small part of my favorite song. It was too funny hearing all of the little ones singing the chorus in the halls prior to this. As you will see some knew the other parts, but they all chime in for the chorus.


NHL loves to perform. As you can see he was quite happy when he was going back to the table after singing. 

All excited after singing songs

NHL gobbled up everything that was on his plate (although he was not in love with the radish). 

YUMMY - fun stuff to try on the seder plate

JSL was able to try some of the Charoset thanks to it being a nut free building. Nana said he loved it! 

Trying some Charoset

Of course the kids did not have wine, instead it was grape juice all around. 

Drinking his grape juice

A fun little seder for all. I am SO thrilled that NHL was able to go to this school. I have fond memories of it when I was little and I know he will too.


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