1 Year Portraits here we come!

Since we have the photo bug in our house thanks to two digital cameras, we have decided only to take the boys for portraits on their birthday. If you have been reading my blog recently then you know the little guy, JSL, just turned one. That means it is time to brave portrait picture taking. Yes, I do mean brave. Our last experience with NHL for his four year pictures was not the best . . . at least at first. Thanks to gas prices hitting over $4.00 a gallon here we are opting to try the first studio one more time with JSL this time. The other studio is quite a distance and the cost for two trips there would not be pleasant. So we are going to try this one more time. They are all digital now, so that along with a 9:20 appointment should allow for an all around better experience – we hope!

We have an outfit all picked out, favorite toys/books selected for props. Now the hard part. We all need to get ready and leave the house by 9:00. So I am off and will update on the events later. For now here are some photos of JSL on his actual birthday getting his present from Mommy and Daddy. 

B-day present from Mommy and Daddy

 Hmmm. . . what does it do?

 NHL gives the puppy a hug

 Fun with cookie jar from Nana and Papa

 Watching NHL closely

 Goofy little boy

Time to go and get our rears moving and out in a little while.


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  • Renee says:

    We did Keeghan’s 1 year pics last night!! He actually did GREAT! Now we also did Kennedy’s 4 year pics… she did… not so great! haha Can’t wait to see JSL’s pics! BTW Keeghan has that same dog! He loves it!

  • Kmelion says:

    I was thinking of getting that dog for Nati… and here they have it in Hebrew!

  • Awww! My son had one of those Puppy Dogs, too! He loved it. Good luck with the pictures. I never knew what all went into orchestrating family pictures until I had a child. Definitely not as easy as it looks!