Happy sleeping boys = happy mommy

I love my boys – all three of them!

Sure, they may make me crazy from time to time, but that is supposed to happen that way. It is the simple things that make me smile and know that being home with them is the right thing for our family.

Who knew that something as simple as seeing the two little ones asleep resting peacefully could make me so happy? Wednesday night we bought JSL his own pillow to sleep on. He really loved to curl up on it and we felt it was fine to do since it was very firm. Here are some resulting photographs. This is JSL with his new pillow:

 All comfy with monkey pillow case

Meanwhile in his bed NHL looked like this: 

All snuggly in bed

Notice how similar the two boys are when they sleep. Both of them have their little hands out in almost the identical way. First JSL in his crib:

Happy sleeping baby

And NHL in his bed:

Too many pillows - never!

 He definitely likes his pillow. JSL loves to pet the pillowcase to fall asleep now when he wakes up.

Tired monkey

JL and I are so very lucky to have two great little boys. NHL and JSL love each other and recently have started to play and interact more. JSL is a sponge trying to take everything in and NHL loves to show his little brother anything and everything. If NHL is in the living room and moves to another location JSL quickly follows. Now he crawls after his big brother, but soon enough he will be toddling after.

They grow up too quickly  . . . . . . *sigh* 


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  • Elaine says:

    OH! They are so sweet sleeping the same way – I love these pics. I am never brave enough to sneak in and take asleep pictures. I guess I should try sometime. Love these.

    I know what you mean about the interaction. My guys are already starting to “tackle” each other in a gentle kind of way, and Little G really gets into it too. It’s too cute!