Baby sleep eating 101

Just the other day I was looking at NHL’s baby photos. I mentioned to JL that I still recalled the day that he fell asleep mid-bite of baby food in his highchair. We both laughed and thought it was not likely to happen to JSL. 

NHL sleep eating - March 2004

Monday early afternoon I was shocked with the following sequence of events.

At about 11:30 JSL and I sat down at the dining room table to have lunch. He had a cream cheese sandwich (his new favorite) and was quite content. As I was eating my lunch he was babbling away to me. Suddenly I looked a little closer because he was not talking as loudly. Sure enough his eyes were completely closed. He was still talking and shoving sandwich into his face.

I could not believe my eyes and continued to watch. I was afraid to walk by him to get my camera for fear of disturbing him. The poor little guy was obviously exhausted and needed rest before going to get big brother from school. I finally was able to retrieve my camera. This is a shot of his hand soon after he dropped a piece of his lunch onto the tray. 

Too tired to keep eating. . .

Not too long after this I watched as he was trying to get more comfortable. First he tried this:

 Must catch some Zzzz's

Slowly his head moved down onto his shoulder as he was curling up into a good position. I know if I slept like this I would have a stiff neck for day. How about you?

Kind of comfy here

 This must not have been the most ideal spot because soon enough he shifted to this pose.

 Ahhhh. . . . much better

He stayed like this until I had to clean him off and pack him up to go and pick up NHL from school. Who knew that life as a baby could be such tough work. I guess growth spurts and teething take a LOT out of you.


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