Go, Go, Go!!!

What do you do when you have a stubborn toddler that refuses to do what you want when it comes to walking?

For weeks now JSL has been SO ready to walk, but he refused to do it. If you even said the "w" word he would immediately drop to a crawl, give a laugh and bolt away from you. Clearly he was showing us that he would do things on his own timeline, not ours!

Note to self: If this is his true colors coming out, then the teen years are going to be mighty fun!

Over the last week we have noticed that when JSL does not think we are watching he will cruise, let go and take 6+ steps at a time. Over the weekend this increased. Now he is trying to pick things up, turn and stand up in the middle of the floor.

When I went to pick JSL up at my grandmother’s today he came out her apartment door and charged at me on two feet down the hall. It was so sweet to see how excited he got.

So how did we FINALLY get the breakthough? We were quite creative. Rather than asking JSL to "walk" to us we said to come here or used his favorite new demand to us "GO!" We told him to "go, go, go" and he went! 

JL was able to get some video of the little guy charging around and chanting "go go go" tonight. 

It has been so much fun to watch JSL reach this huge milestone. He is quickly getting more balance, but his need for speed often causes him to fall and restart his adventure.


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