Play Palin Bingo

Whether you are a fan of Sarah Palin or not, almost everyone is watching her every move and listening to the words that come out of her mouth. Thanks to this, a record number of people are likely going to watch the Vice Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin tomorrow evening.

JL and I were talking. We had so much fun with the Obama and McCain debate that we wanted to do something special for this BIG debate between the VP candidates. Many people have mentioned drinking games, but well we do not drink. We wanted something family friendly that anyone could play along if they wanted to.

I started thinking about Palin Bingo. We could use some of Governor Palin’s catch phrases/words from the last few weeks. The best part, JL is a webmaster and can code anything. This afternoon we sat and laughed our rears off making a list of 73 items to include on our Palin Bingo boards.

Tonight while watching Pushing Daisies and Private Practice, JL sat and coded a Palin Bingo game for all to play tomorrow night. Heck, you could technically play it any time you see Sarah Palin on television, hear her on the radio, or even see Tina Fey impersonating her.

May I present you with a sample TheAngelForever and TechyDad’s Palin Bingo: 

Palin Bingo

Did that get your attention? I figured it may. If you would like to play along JL, aka TechyDad, has written a script to allow you to generate your own Palin Bingo. All you have to do it head on over to his blog and click on the link. Once there all you have to do is refresh the page and new Palin Bingo cards will be generated for you to print out to play a fun family friendly game while watching Thursday’s debate.

Have fun!


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