Thanks to Joe the Photographer

Sunday afternoon we went on an adventure. It was finally time to do NHL’s five year portraits. For those counting, that would make it over two months since his fifth birthday. We decided to head back to the popular portrait studio that we used in the past. JL and I just were not impressed with the other place that we had his four year portraits done at and JSL’s first birthday.

When we arrived we were all dressed in red with our jeans on. Talk about getting looks from people later on in the day – LOL!

We were told to head into the first studio as soon as we arrived. When we went in a very friendly photographer came into the room. We learned his name thanks to NHL. He asked and Joe told him. NHL quickly told him that he knew another Joe, you know, the one in Blues Clues. Of course all that went through my mind . . . . Joe the Plumber!

We decided to start with family photos since JSL had not napped earlier in the day (our session time was 2:00). Needless to say, it is quite tricky to get a decent shot with all four family members looking at the camera at the same time. I kept blinking, NHL kept talking/smiling funny, and JSL wanted to walk away. If you have done family portraits you know exactly what happened. We managed to get one that was not too bad.

October '08 Portraits - 2    October '08 Portraits - 3

Then it was time to get the much anticipated photos of NHL with the giant number five, dinosaurs and his camera. Joe did a great job working with NHL. NHL definitely played it up. As you can see we switched his red shirt and I really like the ones with the short sleeved blue on more.

October '08 Portraits - 10

 October '08 Portraits - 16    October '08 Portraits -  14

Once NHL was done Joe asked to try some with both of the boys alone. That did not work out too well. The overtired 17 month old kept walking out of the frame. We did manage to get one cute one before we switched gears. 

October '08 Portraits - 13

Before calling it quits I asked Joe to try one of all of my boys. This time both of the little guys were getting tired.

October '08 Portraits - 19    October '08 Portraits - 20

We bought a package that included the portraid CD so we own the photos and can print them whenever we want. JL was quite happy about this. That would be why I was able to post this so quickly.

The rest of the photos from the photo shoot by Joe can be seen on my Flickr photostream.


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  • Awww! Those turned out so great!! And I love the new hairdo! You have beautiful curls! I know you are so pleased with those new pictures. He did a fantastic job!

  • What great pictures and cute blog! Thanks for stopping by the Chicken Coop and visiting the gals, they love comments and visitors and you are welcome to stop by my main blog and hang out anytime!

  • Renee Garcia says:

    LOL I think those turned out great! I love the one of the two boys and the look on JSL’s face!!! Classic! :) BTW, I got my google reader organized so I’ll be commenting a lot more now, I was VERY overwhelmed before!

  • Sheila says:

    Those are some really great pics! Great job Joe! I liked the group one where it looks like your littlest one is getting alittle face tickle from your hubby.

    And the one of your oldest laying on the floor hands under chin. OH, and the one kid taking a photo of the other one! NICE!

  • Nina says:

    Those are such cute pictures. We did our family photo’s back in August and my then 9 month old was not the happiest child to get his pictures taken. So I know exactly what you were dealing with.

  • citystreams says:

    How fun! We had ours taken on Saturday and Bri cried pretty much non-stop. The staff took turns entertaining her so that the photographer could get shots in. Craziness.

    Y’all look so happy in yours. I showed Hubster and that was the first thing he said, “They look like such a happy family.” I thought you’d like to know :o)

  • Kim says:

    What a good idea to wear matching outfits. I’d have never thought of that. Family photos are the best!

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