A Cow-Duck

Admit it, you are curious what a cow-duck is. Or perhaps you are frightened to find out. Either way, there is nothing to worry about. A cow-duck is a creation made my my little guy. A little over a year ago JSL received the Leap Frog Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal Set.

At first JSL just liked to look at it on the refridgerator. Then he thought it was neat to take the magnets on and off and run around the house with them. Recently, he finally figured out how to get the toy to make music. He now can make new animals and listen to funny songs.

The little guy will often just stand there for long periods of time playing with toy. He sings and dances to the original tunes that the toy plays. The other day I decided to capture him quietly singing along. Here he is:

As you can see it is very interactive and he enjoys it a lot. It will keep him busy in the kitchen while JL or I are working in there. Of course there is a small down side. After listening to the same song a dozen or more time in a row, it does get on the parental nerves a tad. Now if only we could get JSL to make something beside the cow-duck to change up the song for a little while.



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  • RobMonroe says:

    A Cow Duck – that’s silly. You put the cow in front you put the duck behind….


    (As Rob runs screaming, wishing the song I just got out of my head yesterday was not in the video! Abby LOVES this toy too!)

  • phyllis says:

    i read your headline and knew immediately what this post was about….

    we have that great toy too. my kids love it but the song does get a leeeetle irritating after the 5 millionth time…

    that is such a great line of fridge toys. total genius.

  • Katie says:

    We never owned that toy but that is great!!! A cow duck!! Of course I could see how it could be a wee bit irritating after a while. I am glad that JSL has something entertaining to do in the kitchen!!

  • Kim says:

    Zoe danced along–and said “bye-bye” when you asked JSL. :) Very cute! I think we’ll avoid that toy, looks fun but also annoying.

  • Damselfly says:

    What a cutie!

    We have this toy, too, and I know what you mean. After the third or fourth banjo song, you kind of wish the toy wasn’t there.

    You know how this toy makes an animal sound to remind you it’s still on if you haven’t played with it in a while? One day, I walked past the fridge right as I heard, “Baaaa!” I nearly jumped out of my skin!