Silly, naive Mommy

This weekend the boys and I are staying at my parents house. JL is away for a few days to visit his grandmother, who is now living with his parents.

While getting ready to head out Saturday morning, NHL and I were in my old room. I noticed my old year books sitting on the dresser. I pulled the one from my senior year out to show him. I figured he would enjoy it since he loves books and photos. I opened up to the page that had my photo on it and asked NHL to pick me out.

Much to my surprise he picked me out very quickly. I asked NHL how he knew it was me. Without missing a beat he said, "I read your name Mommy!"

Duh! I keep forgetting that my kindergarten kid can already read. Not shocking since kindergarten is the new first grade.

Once again, my big kid proves that he is growing up way too quickly right before my eyes. Later today I will challenge him to find my first grade photo in another year book. This time I know the names are not under the photos, so it will be a much better test!


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