Laundry and packing galore

This weekend we ran a lot of errands and managed to start packing. Not only did we make lists of items that we need to pack for each of us, but we also began a list of what we hope to see at each of the Disney World parks.

Today, I started the day off by tossing in three monster loads of laundry. It was time to get all of the t-shirts and shorts ready to go. JL helped me to open up our new luggage (early anniversary present from my parents) and I directly deposited items neatly in them. So far, I have almost all of the clothing for the boys in one, and the pile is quickly growing with JL and my items. I figure we will have one suitcase for the boys, one for us, one that will have swim gear/shoes/toiletries, and a last one with diapers/wipes/snacks.

Of course we will need a few carry-on bags. The boys will each a small backpack with their entertainment items like the Travel Aqua Doodles seen here with NHL:

Practice with the Aqua Doodle

 Then we will need a diaper bag for JSL and one other bag with spare clothing and emergency items.

So many things to remember and one brain buzzing a mile a minute! On that note, I am off to work on more laundry and packing. We went out to get more comfy walking shoes and the laundry did not finish itself.


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  • Sara says:

    I want to tell you I learned the hard way about packing all one persons clothing in one suitcase! We went to Hawaii for a week and packed my husbands clothes and a few baby essentials (diapers etc) on one bag and my clothes and daughters clothes/gear in a bigger bag. My bag was lost for FOUR days! We had no swimsuits and no clothes for both myself and daughter while my husband had a full wardrobe! Just a tip, at least mix up a few outfits so you wont be totally stranded for the first few days, especially when you will all want to be off having fun not at walmart getting awful replacement clothes and ill fitting swimwear.

  • RobMonroe says:

    So excited for you on your trip! Always good to have the children practice with what will become their favorite toy over the next two weeks!

    Woo Hoo!

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  • Kmelion says:

    We all use backpacks for carry on. My girls even have their backpacks on wheels for when they don’t feel like wearing them.

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