Toddler name games

JSL recently went to the doctor for his two year check-up. Everything went well during the visit. The only concern the doctor had was that JSL does not refer to himself by name. Well, that isn’t entirely true. When he wants to, the little guy will say "Me JSL!" Of course, he rarely does that. Instead he insists on showing his quirky sense of humor. When asked by the doctor for his name he quickly replied "Me walk kick!"    Walk kick = Leslie Sansone….the walk aerobics DVD guru that JSL does with me all the time. When he states that this is his name he gets a huge grin on his face and giggles. He is definitely showing his sense of humor and knows how to answer when he feels like it. The doctor was not too amused, but she just did not understand his mini toddler crush on Leslie Sansone.

The other day the boys were playing on NHL’s bed. I went in with the camera and asked him the burning question . . ."What is your name?"

Here is a video of his reply for the day:

Oh and just in case you were worried, he has not ditched being "Walk kick" either. This morning when asked his name, he immediately replied with his usual answer. *sigh*  

Have any of your kids done something similar? For now, I am just going to chalk this up to a quirky toddler sense of humor.




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  • phyllis says:

    i think it’s hilarious!!!! definitely shows his smarts. that doctor was just being a stick-in-the-mud. i think when kids can show their sense of humor that young it indicates great intelligence….

    phyllis’s last blog post..Hard at Work…BSM

  • I love that grin- he knows he is being funny.
    Lil’ Boy did the same thing when the DR. asked him a question-which I can’t remember the exact question-but the Dr. didn’t like his answer…but I knew exactly what Lil’ Boy meant.

    Susan Lindgren’s last blog post..Bake it Pretty

  • Angela says:

    For the longest time, my son told everyone his name was “Caillou” (his favorite show/character). He finally now says his real name, but it was kind of frustrating for a while.

    Angela’s last blog post..Not Me! Monday #11

  • Kmelion says:

    Well at least he’s verbal… Nati still only has a handful of almost words.

    Kmelion’s last blog post..null