Follow the M&M Road

Today was supposed to be a gorgeous day. Thanks to a little pressure from Nana, we decided to take the boys to Six Flags. In the fall, we upgraded our tickets to season passes for 2009. Prior to this, we had not gone this summer season. We arrived by Six Flags at about noon and went to a pizza place for a quick much less expensive lunch. Then we went back to the park. Thanks to our parking pass we did not have to pay almost $10 for a space. We bought nothing at the park. I had packed some snacks in our bag and lugged our Nalgene water bottles to refill.

We had a very nice time at the park. The boys loved Wiggles World, Looney Tunes kid area, and NHL had fun getting his photos taken with all of the characters. JL and NHL loved getting soaked on the Raging River and we all had a blast on the Bobsled ride. Lots more photos to come soon. Tonight I will leave you with some photos of the M&M Road that we found. As we were going over the bridge I could not help myself and think:  "Follow the M&M Road. Follow the M&M Road. Follow, follow, follow, follow…follow the M&M Road!" 

Follow the M&M Road

Here are some more photos of the very bright and colorful M&M Road over the bridge.


M&M Road Journey

More photos and tales from the weekend coming soon.


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