Family fun day at Six Flags

Dear NHL & JSL,

This weekend we were supposed to go to see Bubbe and Grandpa. Since the weather was going to be bad all weekend, we decided to stay home. Friday Daddy had the day off so we decided to go to Six Flags for the day. It was an unusually chilly day. We actually wore jeans and had sweatshirts in August.

JSL, you started to chant that you wanted to go on the Big Red Cars the minute you heard we were going. Of course, one of our first stops was Wiggles World. You loved driving the Big Red Cars and especially enjoyed spending time at the Wiggles gift store. You were quite upset later in the day when your Diego (Go-Go) sun glasses broke. Thankfully a special gift made you smile and you held onto it while taking a nap.

Big Red Car driving time

NHL you were upset that your favorite ride was closed down for the day. Thank goodness you enjoyed all of the other things you were able to go on. You seemed to like the wind in your hair when we went on the Big Red Planes. The cool weather certainly changed what we did at the park, but you enjoyed it. 

Flying the Big Red Planes

Just before our silly lunch (funnel cake sundaes), we stopped to watch the Looney Tunes show. At the end you could head up to the stage for photos with some of the characters. Both of you seemed to actually enjoy this when you went up with Daddy. 

A bunch of crazy characters

I hope that we get a few more trips to Six Flags in before the end of the season. Watching both of you laugh, be silly and smile while there is truly priceless.




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