Chocolatey goodness from Israel

One of my friends from a Mommy group lives in Israel. Not too long ago, she asked if I wanted to do a goody swap. There were a few items that she longed for from the States. In exchange, she would send some items that are special in Israel for my family to enjoy.

Wednesday afternoon, as I pulled into the driveway I noticed there was a package on our front steps. As I got closer, I could tell what it was. Check out the cool box:

Package from Israel

NHL assumed that the box was just for me. He gets grumpy when Mommy gets packages in the mail and he does not. I quickly told him that this was for the entire family. He asked what was inside. I told him he would have to wait. Once the boys had taken off their winter gear, they chased me into the kitchen to open the box. This is what was inside:

Yummy items from Israel

These were all new to me and looked really interesting. So what are they? In back (left to right): White & Milk Chocolate Coated Cookie Crisps, White & Milk Chocolate Coated Biscuit Snacks, Crunchy Stars with Whole Cereal Coated Milk Chocolate, and Nougat Filled Crunchy Cereals Coated with Milk Chocolate. In front are chocolate gelt/coins.

This evening, we decided to open everything up for the boys to try (and us to sample as well). Here are their reactions:

Special treats from Israel

As you can see, the boys loved everything. We were nice and allowed them to try a few pieces from each of the varieties. Now, I am on a mission. I need to find the new bags of Tootie Rolls that are marked kosher (they were set to ship Dec 2 to stores). Have been to many stores and still not there, so perhaps they were not shipped to stores just yet. If anyone has seen them in the States, please let me know.

Thanks to my friend for everything. I promise I will hunt down the goodies for you or figure out something else that you would like.



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