TV interview and rally lessons

Dear NHL,

This week has been filled with a lot of ups and downs. We started the week off trying to get the word out about saving your school. Then we were told that the school was safe. Less than 24 hours later the threat to close things down was back in full force. It has been a very hard time for me to understand as an adult, I can not imagine how it has been as a six year old.

Yesterday afternoon when you got out of school, we were asked to stay around. People had been told that a local new station was coming to interview people about what was happening. Much to your surprise when they came and we were ready to leave, the reporter asked to talk with you. You were not nervous at all. You went right up to the camera, answered the questions and made me so proud. You told her that you liked gym, art, time outside at lunch, computers and math. I will admit, the teacher in me was a little nervous that it took you so long to mention the traditionally academic areas of your school day. You also saw how the news takes a longer interview and chops it to fit within a story that they air.

This morning we got up and went in the freezing cold temperatures to a rally to save your school. Parents, students and neighbors were there to let the media and others know that we are fighting to keep the school open. For two and a half hours you stayed outside and marched by the street, held signs and chanted in front of cameras and cars that went by to save your school.

Save our school

You had to regroup at one point, but once you sat down and talked with Daddy for a little while you were ready for more of the same. Today, you learned that in our country we are lucky to have the right to demonstrate our beliefs in this type of rally. I hope you know that Daddy, Mommy and the other adults are not going to back down. We are going to make sure that everyone knows that we will fight to the end to save your school.




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