Thoughts of Disney, Spring and being outside

This spring has been wild and wacky, weather wise and beyond. So many things going on here there and everywhere. One minute, we are outside in shorts, the next, bundling up to stay warm. Of course, the cooler days allowed me to finally break out the coat that I got while attending the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. I love this since it reminds me of all of the amazing people that I met and the good times at Disney World. It will be actually be sad to put it away until the fall. Here I am enjoying a cooler day outside. Please excuse the frizzy, wind blown hair.

DisneySMMoms Dreaming

When you look around outside, the flowers are coming up and trees are showing their glorious spring colors. This one was taken outside of NHL’s school. Not the best picture, but like the rest, taken on the fly with my cell phone.

Bee in the flowers

Like the insects, my kiddos are confused. One day they are able to play outside in the sun without a jacket, the next it is rainy or windy and time to stay inside. JSL is definitely antsy. At almost three years old, he begs to spend time outside. Once the laundry was done today, I took my allergy medicine and we played before going to pick up big brother. We bought some new chairs and I sat and did this while soaking up some much needed vitamin D:

Knitting on a sunny spring day

I was able to finish another knitted cloth all while watch this:

Little guy on the move

Days like this make me thankful for the time at home with my boys and the simple things in life.


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