Cousins, museum, cherries, pirates and more

This weekend, I was a little busy. Thursday night, we went to visit my brother and his family out in western NY. We arrived rather late that night and my niece SG was sleeping. Thanks to this, the kids saw her at breakfast the next morning. Here, they bonded over cereal while we planned what to do on the rainy day since cherry picking was out.

Breakfast with cousins

We eventually made our way to the Buffalo Museum of Science. They had a new dinosaur exhibit that we thought the kids would love. Here is a preview of our time there:

Time at the Buffalo Science Museum

When we got home, it was time for Uncle I to go to work for a little while. The kids played and even baby BA enjoyed tummy time fun with a little help from the bigger kids.

Tummy time for all

Saturday morning, Nana and Papa came to join us. As we started our journey to the cherry picking place, we had to stop and go back home. JSL decided to add some fun and excitement to the day. He was drinking water, started to gag – and well let’s just say he needed a change of clothing. We made our way to the cherry orchard and all you could see were trees chock full of cherries of all kinds. They were gorgeous. Before we knew it, we had picked a LOT of cherries. More about that coming soon. Here are a few photos of the cherry picking group and our delicious finds.

Picnik collage

After this, we wandered at a Pirate Festival by Lake Ontario.

  Our little pirates

The views were gorgeous and the kids even enjoyed looking at the water below.

Lake view

Once we had lunch, we wandered back to the house. The kids played outside for a while, we all had dinner and then it was time for bed. Sunday, we stayed until after lunch and then it was time to head home. It really was sad to say goodbye to Uncle I, Aunt M, SG and BA. We had a wonderful weekend with my brother and his family. The kids had so much fun together we can not wait to see them again.


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