Toy Story 3 on Ice – Family Night

Dear NHL and JSL,

Tonight we went to see Disney on Ice. The two of you had seen the commercials on TV for quite some time. Papa mentioned that he had gotten you tickets, so you both knew it was only a matter of time.

NHL, this was the third Disney on Ice show that you have been to. You were a pro and knew what to expect when we walked into the arena. I think JSL was a little overwhelmed. He was mesmerized by all of the merchandise for sale when you walked in, the people selling items at the seats, and then the show itself.

Daddy and I decided to get both of you some Toy Story hats that came with cotton candy. They were cute and I think both of you will enjoy them more at home. Here are a few pictures:

Disney on Ice 2010

Now we just have to hope that Daddy can rescue the photos from his new camera. Something went wacky during the show and they may be gone. Thank goodness I took my camera along.

I can not wait to talk to both of you in the morning about the show. I just hope you sleep in a little since you were up so late. Looking forward to more magical memories with both of you in the future.




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