Living With The Land – Catch Me There

The sun was supposed to come out today, but it looks like that has changed again. After over a week of nearly non-stop rain, we are going a bit stir crazy here. The week has been filled with rain, headaches, and flash flood warnings.

Yesterday, when there was a break in the rain, we went to buy some vegetable plants. The cold and then constant rain did not allow us to start our modest little garden from seeds this years. Still, we are hoping to have some of our own tomatoes and zucchini (all that we bought at this point) to prepare with the boys.

Disney Style Crops

Growing a garden has definitely been inspired by our love of Disney. This week, I wrote about being inspired by Epcot’s Living With The Land. Over on The Disney Driven Life, I make a connection with Epcot, growing a garden, and learning. Be sure to head on over to check out my latest on connecting Disney with education. My other posts there can be found under NDM183 – that’s me!

While at Disney World in March, I decided to capture a little video while on Living With The Land. Here is little teaser of the ride. You can hear my very active three year old in the background.

I hope to see you at A Disney Driven Life to say hello to everyone else that writes there as well.


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