Memories of Nursery School

Dear JSL,

Way back in September, I sent my little guy off to nursery school three days a week. This was a big thing for us. You had been home with me since you were born. You never went to daycare like NHL. Still, I knew that you needed this for a lot of reasons.

Nursery school here he comes

You were so young, naïve, and shy. Yet you were curious and eager to head to school. A short time after you started, separation anxiety hit hard. This was new to me since Daddy was always the one that took NHL to daycare.

With some talking to your teachers, we worked on a plan. Then we never looked back. Over the last year, you have became a new kiddo. As your speech has improved (oh my goodness C is amazing), you have broken out of your shell. You went from never singing/dancing at school and other places, to being a ham at times.

Last day for 2011

The reality is that my baby boy is growing up before my eyes. You have learned so much this year and so have I. I know that next year will be another amazing year of nursery school for you before moving going to kindergarten. I also know I will be one of those parents crying at the moving up ceremony next June.

I am looking forward to a fun summer ahead with you and NHL exploring all that there is to do in our area.




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