Father’s Day Wishes and Memories – 2011

Father's Day Stamp

I still remember the first Father’s Day that we had for TechyDad. It was a day spent with family, watching our ten month old NHL grow up before our eyes.

TechyDad's 1st Father's Day

We went for part of the day to the nursing home to visit with my Poppy S. NHL loved sitting in his arms and just watching his face. He always grabbed his baseball hat and liked to snuggle with him in his room.

Father's Day 2004

Of course, later on, Poppy S and NHL bonded over ice cream bars, Dunkin Donuts  that we brought him, and clucking like a chicken. Those are memories that we will always cherish.

Last year, TechyDad decided he wanted to take the boys bowling for part of the day. We went and the boys laughed, smiled, and had a wonderful time.

TechyDad and NHL - March 2011

Father’s Day this year may include strawberry picking, lunch out, or something completely different. It is up in the air. We will be doing fun things with TechyDad. No doubt the boys will love every minute with their amazing father.


This is TechyDad’s seventh Father’s Day as a dad. I knew from the day we started going out that he was going to be a fantastic father. He has gone above and beyond over the years. He loves to play and be a kid with the boys. Now that they are older, he spends time passing on traditions and fun things that he loves with them including Anamaniacs, super heroes, Gargoyles, photography, and the list goes on. Thank you for being such an amazing father to our boys. I love you.

TechyDad and the boys

I want to wish all of the men in my life a very Happy Father’s Day. This includes my father, brother, uncles, cousins, and the list goes on. Of course, I have to share a special photo of my Dad and little me. We were curled up with our cockatiel Pretty Boy likely watching cartoons in my parent’s super cool Miss Piggy and Kermit The Frog sheets. Dad and Little Me

Thank you Dad for all that you do for us – we love you!

How will you be spending Father’s Day with the important men in your life?


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