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Mother’s Day and Father’s Day around here are typically days that we try to do something fun and different with the kids to enjoy a day together. This year was no different. We opted not to go strawberry picking and took the boys to a local miniature golf location. They have the traditional outdoor one, but also a fun glow in the dark indoor one. Since it was beautiful outside, we did the outdoor one. For Father’s Day they were doing a pay for 18 holes and play all 36. It seemed like a good plan.

Heading into the castle

I opted not to play, instead I took photos, walked, helped the little guy (his first time playing), and whined. Yes, I was in a cranky mood. The boys were not listening, heat, and rough condition of the greens were making me wish we had gone to get strawberries. After a bit, I calmed down some and we muddled our way past 26 of the 36 holes. It was getting late and I knew the boys were getting antsy.

Father's Day 2011 Mini-Golfing

TechyDad picked a new place to try to lunch. We went to Saati Deli and Catering and had an absolutely delicious meal. The people were super friendly, the menu huge, and food amazing. TechyDad and I decided to split a big grilled cheese sandwich for the boys and get them a small french fry (they rarely have them). Then we split two sandwiches to try. I selected the Grilled Vegetable, Fresh Mozzarella, Pesto and Balsamic Glaze. TechyDad opted for the Feta Cheese, Fried Eggplant, Pesto, Lettuce and Tomato. Yum, yum, yum – we all loved the food we had. There is no doubt that we will be going back here again.

Lunch at Saati's

From here we splurged and went back to the ice cream place that Nana and Papa had taken us to a week ago. Since I was not a huge fan of the kind I had last time, I tried something new. OMG – I was in heaven. Seriously, check this bad boy out:

My new BFF

This has to be one of the best ice cream flavors I have ever had. It was Peanut Butter Caramel Cookie Dough. What is not to love about what combination?

We went to do a little shopping and then went home to grab some items to take to Nana and Papa’s house. While there the boys played, TechyDad took a nap, and I prepared the Asian Salad that my father requested. Here is a sneak peak of what was in that:

Asian Salad for Dad

We had a wonderful dinner with my parents, fantastic new-to-me watermelon, and then came home to get the boys into bed. No, it may not have been exactly the day we planned, but it was a great day with our family.

What did you do to celebrate Father’s Day this year?


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  • Holly says:

    That looks like so much fun! I always like looking at your pictures. Never taken my kiddos to mini golf, but I bet they would love it! (If they didn’t clobber each other or me with their clubs….)
    Holly´s last blog post ..Week by numbers- First week of summer

  • sagemom says:

    omg…the food from the deli looked so good, but then i saw the ice cream…that looks sooooo YUMMY! LOL!
    sagemom´s last blog post ..Marie Veronique Organics Giveaway

  • Robert says:

    I can’t believe the boys attempted 36 holes..! I’d have needed that ice cream before even attempting the 18 – even for mini golf :-)

  • aubrey says:

    Mini Golf looks fun. I haven’t taken the kids yet this year, we have a place across the street from our house. I don’t think they would sit or play through 36holes either. Your lunch looks delicious. And Ramen noodle salad is one of my favorites. I don’t know how to make it so I just eat it whenever someone else makes it.:) Glad you had a good father’s day.