Bounce Time for the Boys

Dear NHL and JSL,

For weeks, we have been trying to take you to a new location to do some bouncing. On Friday, I spent the day getting laundry done while you played. I wanted to have it finished so I could spend the weekend with everyone and not have to worry about getting clothing clean.

When Daddy got home from work, we quickly got into the car and went to Afrim’s. On Friday night, you can bounce from 5-8 for $5. When we got there, there was only one other child. It was a bit warm inside, but that did not stop the two of you.

Ready to bounce

Before we knew it, we were the only people in the bounce area. The two of you ran from bouncer to bouncer. Even though you could not get up one of the slides thanks to a broken part, you used it as a place to run through and bounce in. The space was perfect for the two of you to release a lot of energy.

The Bounce Place Was Ours

One of the bouncers has a small climbing wall and punching spot within it. Both of you really liked this. I was especially shocked with JSL’s monkey climbing skills.


After a while, even Daddy was tired from watching you run, bounce, slide, punch, and climb. Lucky for him, there was a nice comfy couch to rest on.

Tired TechyDad

After about an hour, the two of you looked like tomatoes running around. It was really warm, you were thirsty (we didn’t bring water bottles) and Daddy was hungry. So we packed both of you up and went to get some dinner. I know that we will probably head back to the bounce place, but it may be on a cooler day since it is quite warm in there. Still, even with the heat we all had a great time together.




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  • kailani says:

    What fun! We had a bounce place like that here but they closed down. Such a bummer since the girls really enjoyed it there! And yes, why are those places always so warm?