More Summer Sleep Needed

Dear NHL and JSL,

We need to talk. The summer is here and the sun is out a lot later. Daddy and I would love to let you stay up to enjoy the extra hours of daylight.

There is a problem though. Although you will go to sleep at night and typically stay asleep…you wake up WAY too early the next morning.

Sleeping While AwayNo matter when you go to sleep at night, you are both up almost as soon as the sun comes up. NHL, we can almost count on you being up before the alarm clock goes off at 6:00 each morning. Daddy needs to get up for work, but you are really allowed to sleep to 7, even 8 if you would. JSL may sleep a little later, but not by a lot. Most mornings you are up by 7.

Lack of naps, lots going on, and less sleep is starting to show up with behaviors that are not so nice. So let’s make a deal. If we let you stay up later to play at night with Daddy and enjoy the extra hours of sun, you will try to sleep in. Ok?!




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  • Lynn says:

    I so hope your boys read this and take your advice! Mine are also early risers – usually up around 5:30 each morning; sleeping in at our house is about 6:00 many days. We’ve tried cutting out naps, staying up late, running around to tire them out but nothing seems to keep them in bed in the mornings.