Sushi Style Birthday Dinner

For our birthday celebrations, we try to go to a restaurant that the person likes for lunch or dinner on their special day. For the boys, this usually happens on their day since the weather is typically nice in May and August. I am the lone winter birthday in our immediate family and often get snowed out.

Yesterday, was TechyDad’s birthday. The boys were not really interested in going out, so they went to have pizza with Nana and Papa. This meant that the birthday boy could really pick the location he liked. He decided to go back to Mr. Fuji’s. We went there on our 10th anniversary the night of our plumbing fiasco. The meal was delicious, so I was all for it.

We ordered our meals. I went vegetarian so I could share with TechyDad since I was not too hungry. First, our Miso Soup and salad arrived. It was quite good.

Miso soup and salad

We decided to have one of our favorite sushi rolls from our previous trip there. Here is our avocado and peanut roll. This was just as delicious as the first time we had it. I could have stopped right here.


As I mentioned, we ordered vegetarian so we could try two items and share. TechyDad has the vegetable sushi meal. It was really a beautiful presentation.

Vegetable Sushi Meal

I opted to have the Teriyaki Tofu. It was served with some white rice and under the lightly fried tofu were amazing onions in the tangy sauce.

Tofu dish

We normally would not have ordered anything after our meal, but TechyDad had received a really amazing birthday coupon via e-mail from Mr. Fuji. It included a discount and free Tempura Ice Cream.

Tempura ice cream

There are no words to describe the ice cream properly. It seriously should be illegal and makes me really curious about their tempura cheesecake (imagine me drooling).

Then, it was time to head back to the boys who wanted to use TechyDad as a boat. Apparently, the little guy is talking about cruises lately. Hmmm…. maybe he dreams of a trip on the Disney Dream as well.

The SS TechyDad

I tried to get a good photo of the kids with the birthday boy, but they were acting too silly. This was the best of the batch.

My Boys

And then it was time for birthday cake. TechyDad had requested a cookie cake, so the boys and I went to purchase one earlier in the day. It was quite colorful.

Cookie Cake Time

Here is the birthday boy making a wish – possibly for some quiet time.

The Birthday Boy

I do hope that TechyDad enjoyed his birthday meal out in quiet, and had fun with the colorful birthday cake in the end. More about that coming on his blog.


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  • That cookie caek is an amazing idea!! it looks incredible I’d love someone to get me one for my birthday! I’ve never tried sushi but it certainyl looks good x

  • Michelle Purvis says:

    Wow, that looked like a fabulous meal and such large portions, I am so impressed. Please take me there when we come for a visit. What a great birthday dinner!

  • Traci says:

    Happy (belated) birthday to TechyDad! :)


    And tempura ice cream is so amazing it probably is illegal in some states :)

  • Liz says:

    Happy Belated birthday, Techy Dad! (And thanks for asking for cookies cakes, too. My husband always does and he was always the only person I knew to make this request!)