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Dear JSL,

On Tuesday you went with me to drop NHL off to school. Then, it was time to head over to your school to meet and greet everyone. You would not be staying alone, it was just a quick visit. On the way in we stopped for a first day photo like we did last year.

4 Year Old School Ready

Then we had to wait a while before it was time to go into your classroom. We looked at the photos of all of the teachers on the bulletin board. While there, you had some fun being silly and asked me to take a bunch of photos.

Finally, it was time to head in and find your cubby. We found everything and suddenly you started to cry. You were sad because you thought I was going to be leaving. I think you were a bit overwhelmed because of so many new faces. Your best buddies from last year were not back, or in another classroom. It was a lot for a four year old.  We all reassured you that everything was ok, and went to sit and work on your star of the week bag.

Nursery School Kid

Then you wanted to explore the room. Miss L showed you were the blocks were. You sat there so happy making a structure that kept getting bigger and bigger.


There have been tears most mornings, but the smile on your face at the end of the day tells the story. I know you are going to have a fantastic year playing, learning, and growing. Before we know it, you are going to be a kindergarten kid. For now, I want to cherish this time which includes a fun apple picking field trip together soon.




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