Train Ride Home From SheStreams 2011

By the time this is posted, I will be home and back with my family. Right now, I am sitting here on the train coming home from New York City.

Time Square

So many things are going through my brain thanks to the SheStreams Conference. Maria Bailey  (@MomTalkRadio) put on an amazing conference. A huge thank you to her, the sponsors, and SheStreams staff for a truly magical weekend. I learned so much, met amazing people, and saw fantastic old friends.

SheStreams 2011

Although I am tired from an action packed weekend, I am energized and feel like I can take on new and exciting projects. I have been inspired to try items that may have scared me in the past, but now I am ready to take care of business and work on bringing things to a new level. I am a blogger, but I am so much more. The world of social media has shown me that a teacher on hiatus has a lot to offer the world. Now, I need to take the necessary steps to keep moving forward.

I have a lot of amazing things to share from SheStreams, but it is going to take me time to wrap my brain around everything. First, I must head home, hug my boys, give them something special that I bought them at the Disney Store and get back into the swing of things.

Disney Store in Time Square

A huge thank you to my amazing husband, TechyDad, for pushing me to go on this adventure. Being a major Type A person, this was a whirlwind weekend that I never could have imagine, but was so worth it. To Tamara, MomRN – I missed seeing you at She Streams, but was honored to have bought your ticket and go to this first ever event.

Another thank you to Shannan for kicking my butt into high gear and getting the ticket and then figuring out the rest. You were beyond right, I am glad I went. Of course, another big thank you to Kelby, the head Type-A-Parent, I can not thank you enough for all that you did this weekend. It was so much fun hanging out with you. I hope you are able to find your spot that was MIA all weekend and rendered your phone useless. My dumb phone and I can not even imagine the pain you must have been in.

TypeAMom and Slpowell

One other shout-out to Rene Syler (more coming later about the head GEM). Thank you for also kicking me in the rear and reminding me before SheStreams to move myself back to the list of important to do items. It was a pleasure seeing you speak, learning with you in ResourcefulMom’s rockin’ session, chatting, and surprisingly not needing the bail money that you told TechyDad to send me.

I met many other people and learned so much more, but that will be coming soon. If you went to SheStreams, I would love to catch up with you online if I missed seeing/meeting you in person. Please say hello and remind me to catch up on my Twitter followers since I have been slacking some. Safe travels to everyone as they head back home.

It's Me

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